What makes us unique?

In dispute resolution, there are 3 main topics, at the heart of your work we address differently

EisphorIA brings to your practice an innovative, efficient and distinctive support, let's illustrate this.

Recently, I had a discussion with a dispute resolution lawyer, friend of mine, who asked me “Edouard, EisphorIA looks great but actually how different is it from other e-discovery solutions available on the market?

Of course, that’s a key question.

I think there are 3 main topics differentiating EisphorIA from competitors; 3 topics that are actually at the heart of your work when dealing with a dispute resolution case:

If you read our previous blogs, all of these points are the result of both our multi-modal robots architecture and our self-supervised contextual approach:

1) Our solution is operational immediately.

In full autonomy, you can deploy EisphorIA on the selected dataset simply with a “push-the button” and you do not need to pass through a lengthy process of training, labelling, tagging of the data to start investigating it.

As a result, you are quick on the ball and very reactive to any development – at any stage of your file –, without spending time on burdensome tasks and/or without asking external assistance to perform these tasks.

2) You are equipped with a very powerful search engine

You investigate the dataset in a way you have never experienced before, with a search engine providing accuracy and flexibility. For example, you initiate a search from full or part of a document and instantaneously discover information revolving around, you filter documents by chronology and see related timelines, you group highly similar versions, you target specific parties, topics, etc..

As a result, you are comforted to find the critical information and to find it rapidly and efficiently, not being stuck by predetermined keywords or by any other limited supervised functions.

3) You work very efficiently in different languages, right away

You directly investigate documents in their respective language without labelling the dataset by multilingual teams and/or create multilingual keyword lexica. Furthermore, you proceed with bridges between the languages developed in the datasets via our in-house translation module.

As a result, you speed-up the process of investigating documents in other languages.

Now, taking this into consideration, let’s think about how this can amazingly support you, without any efforts from your side, e.g., when:

  • Reconstituting facts and chronology of specific topics.

For instance, if you want to investigate relationships between specific parties, you type the name of the parties and describe the relationship to be investigated and, notably you will directly (i) identify all relevant documents, which can be immediately organized or filtered by dates, by degree of relevance and (ii) identify links between those documents.

  • Understanding (hidden) connections between documents.

For instance, when reviewing a document, you discover a key topic requiring an in-depth investigation, you can immediately initiate a search from it and identify all related documents – sorted by degree of relevance –, i.e. all documents that address the same topic.

  • Challenging arguments from other parties.

For instance, since any new information can be immediately treated, you can directly investigate conclusions of the counterparties or transcripts, elements they raise, not only by retrieving instantly the related documents but also by putting any technical or factual points they raise into perspective and initiate searches from those elements with a simple click.

  • Reinforcing ‘live’ your arguments.

For instance, during hearings or meetings you can react live to the points being discussed, again by retrieving

immediately the related documentation and/or by initiating searches. You will be able to adapt your strategy

accordingly and provide additional information or counter-arguments. A true competitive edge.

These are only few illustrations of why EisphorIA can concretely provide: a unique and distinctive support to your practice.

Happy to discuss it soon with you in more detail.