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Your fast lane to critical information
EisphorIA streamlines the process of analyzing any type of textual data sets, whether they are public or confidential in nature, allowing for faster and more efficient investigations.
The daily confort of a lawyer is to find, not to search
  • EisphorIA’s catalogue of open data libraries of key competition authorities and EU courts is a very effective research tool, simple and intuitive to use. The contextual search functionality, particularly, allows complex case law searches in a new and efficient manner. It is of significant added value.
    Caroline Janssens
    Senior Professional Support Lawyer – Antitrust
  • Eisphoria provides a very efficient and easy to use research tool. It allows us to gain an accurate and up-to-date knowledge of the case law on specific topics in a very limited time frame.
    Mathieu Laurent
    Avocat à la Cour, Partner Corporate law / M&A and Dispute Resolution
  • This elegant solution grants us access to multiple sources of competition law decisions and allows us to search very efficiently and transversally through all the information. The centralization of information, its search accuracy and the ability to share findings with colleagues make it unique. A real time-saving solution that every competition lawyer should have at his disposal.
    Marco Plankensteiner
    Partner, Competition, Distribution & Consumer law
    Kramer Levin
  • This research tool combines pragmatism and efficiency and definitely allows lawyers to carry out a quick and complete legal research of authorized public websites, while ensuring the relevance of the proposed documents. A real time-saver and legal security, we are delighted to be able to offer our clients this new approach to legal research.
    Marie-Louise Peretti
    Lawyer and Head of Knowledge Management
  • Une source documentaire proposant un moteur de recherche intuitif et innovant qui permet d’affiner la recherche en fonction de la problématique et facilite le repérage rapide et efficace des mots clés dans le texte des décisions.
    Catherine Pfeiffer
    Chief Librarian
Security by design and by default
Multi-level protection. Default policies forbid the not explicitly permitted. Any function reviewed from potential data breaches.
Heatmap to identify key parts of document
Easily identify the most relevant paragraphs within a document thanks to our 'heatmap'.
Document to document search
Search directly from a relevant paragraph found in a document to discover other documents developing the same context.
No IT burden
Deploy on cloud or on-prem, you decide! Effortless IT configuration and Self Operating. Easy integration with existing IT environment.
Original documents and their associate case published by the concerned authority are always available.
Access to originals
Formulate your request as you want - with keywords or sentences – our contextual search engine easily identifies the most relevant documents.
A highly-performing search engine
No need to review manually all the results. Investigate only the critical documents thanks to relevance indicators.
Relevance indicators
Narrow down the scope of your search with matter-specific filters and with inclusion and exclusion conditions.
Classify, highlight, comment documents and easily retrieve your work later. Exchange with your colleagues about the underlying data.
Organization & Collaboration

EisphorIA can be deployed on any textual data sets. What we do with public data can also be done with confidential data in all confidentiality and security.

  • Internal Knowledge
    Critical information is often found in your internal knowledge captured over years of practice.

    The key challenge is to exploit its value by making it available when you need it.

    EisphorIA gives you the ability to very efficiently investigate this data and swiftly surface the relevant information.
  • Client cases
    Gather all information related to a client or a case in one place.

    Manage and create new platforms as simple as a single push of a button. Define who has access.

    Investigate, highlight or comment findings with your team or with your client directly into the platform
  • BYOD (Bring your own data)
    Any other textual data sets to investigate?

    Define the scope of research by selecting any public or confidential data sources.

    Build an investigation platform as simple as a single push of a button.
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