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Spending less time and getting more efficiency during legal documentation search sounds interesting to you?

Thanks to EisphorIA, a new generation search engine, you can feel the power of artificial intelligence algorithms and heavily accelerate the data search and analysis workflow.

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As a response to multiple research groups requests, thanks to the authorisation of data owners, EisphorIA has deployed its NLP-solution and now allows researchers to navigate in thousands of Covid-19 related scientific papers, being assisted by artificial intelligence. It helps them to find insights, identify trends and apprehend quickly critical contents while working in a collaborative environment.


Your best legal search engine

Thanks to its core technology called SecurOptimus,
EisphorIA allows a direct deployment of optimal AI-algorithms on any legal data set presented

Unsupervised algorithms

We develop in-house algorithms to be as most universal as possible. This is done by reducing/avoiding the human supervision for manual annotation

Metadata recuperation

All existing meta-data are smartly recuperated and reused for support and classification functionalities

Modern interface

The front-end is conceived to be user-friendly, collaborative and flexible, allowing quick adoption, sharing/archiving of knowledge and on-demand specific functions

Anthill Architecture

We have lots of small robotic ants, each performing a limited set of tasks, but as a whole this system provides an incredible flexibility and power

Security by design

From day one of development we are keen on privacy and security. Thus we would never propose a function, which has a risk for the client

Plug-in and use

Our solution makes the most use of integration with your current tools without disturbing established processes

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