Critical information can be found in your internal knowledge captured over many years of practice

This knowledge is often carefully managed and stored on servers, DMS or just on personal computers. The remaining challenge is to exploit the value of that information by making it available when you need it. This is where EisphorIA comes in by giving you the ability to very efficiently investigate the data and to swiftly retrieve the relevant information.

Quick deployment

No more months until the first results: you have a functional system in a few hours only.
Security by design and by default
The whole system is built to be as secure as possible.

Easy integration

With your document databases through API's and connectors.
Highly modulable

Enrich your knowledge with external sources and search simultaneously across both your internal and these external sources.

Deployment agnostic

You choose a "preferred" cloud provider or even your local IT infrastructure and we make EisphorIA work from there!

Collaborate with your team
Interact with your colleagues directly in the platform to discuss specific documents.
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