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EisphorIA started 2021 on a high note with the launch

of its Data Hub

Our objective is to render legal data easily accessible and searchable by lawyers. Our Data Hub regroups libraries made publicly available by different authorities (national, European) and augments their accessibility (i.e. the faculty to truly find critical information for specific situations) with its new-gen Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms.

Concretely, EisphorIA:

  • extracts and automatically classifies documents in just a few hours;
  • apprehends the entire content and the context developed in each document through a deep contextual analysis;
  • provides lawyers an innovative, flexible and very efficient search engine allowing them to conduct search with keywords or with natural language (full text);
  • On demand, EisphorIA can also imbricate several sources of information (external and/or internal).

So far, 6 libraries have been published and more will be released in the coming weeks. We allow users to try libraries for free during 10 days. The Data Hub is accessible via our web site.


Recent public libraries

Focus on Luxembourg

Over the last few weeks, EisphorIA has already deployed its technology on 3 Luxembourg data sets, i.e. data published on justice.public.lu, legilux.lu, CSSF and of course we continue to work with legal authorities to add more in the near future.

Interested? Register to our Data Hub and start your free trial.


Product development

New search panel

This new search interface is the result of our customers feedback and our UX design expertise. Search and results are now combined into a single page to allow you to precise the context of your search while reviewing the results.

To see the new benefits and how it concretely helps you to get quicker to the critical information, check out our blog post.



EisphorIA and Luther are pleased to announce their collaboration

Luther Luxembourg and EisphorIA are working hands in hands to define and validate a new research methodology based on EisphorIA new gen technology combined with Luther's expertise in the Luxembourg market.


From the press

Une IA pour mettre de l'ordre dans vos données juridiques

Great article from Trends.be relaying the launch of the Data Hub and describing well our approach and our ambitions.