Luther partners with Legal Data Intelligence Start-up EisphorIA

Luxembourg - Luther in Luxembourg has partnered with Belgian legal-tech start-up EisphorIA, whose aim is to enable lawyers to save time in searching through textual data by deploying state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms.
EisphorIA implemented a very efficient library on publicly available Luxembourg case law, that allows Luther to rapidly, accurately, and exhaustively search and review judgements. Indeed, EisphorIA’s modern and multilingual contextual research solution assists lawyers in rapidly finding critical information to answer the most demanding and multiple client requests.

“EisphorIA is a real ally to the legal profession”, says Marie-Louise Peretti, Head of Knowledge Management at Luther in Luxembourg, “this research tool combines pragmatism and efficiency and definitely allows lawyers to carry out a quick and complete legal research of authorized public websites, while ensuring the relevance of the proposed documents. A real time-saver and legal security, we are delighted to be able to offer our clients this new approach to legal research.”

Luther is using EisphorIA’s innovative legal search tool to optimize its research methodology to the benefit of its clients as well as to actively support EisphorIA in developing its future Luxembourg Data Hub service, which allows lawyers to easily access publicly available Luxembourg legal knowledge banks.

Edouard d'Oreye, CEO of EisphorIA states: “We are delighted to collaborate with Luther, our first client on the Luxembourg market. We have built with them a very close and constructive relationship that has helped us gain a better understanding of the Luxembourg market specificities and with whom we will further deploy and customize our solution in the future. We are here to assist lawyers in their work. We know how sometimes it can be laborious to find the right information, especially when you need to pass from one source to another and understand each time how to search for information. We reversed the situation: we provide our customers a highly efficient, collaborative, and flexible search experience and together we define which data sets are useful to investigate in an uniform manner."