EisphorIA releases a new search panel

Our customers told us how much they appreciate the simplicity and the ease of use of EisphorIA. We believe we can always improve and this is what we did with our new search panel
With this new interface, we are showing our commitment to bring you the most efficient search powered by our new-gen and self supervised algorithms which allow you to contextualize your search. The more context you provide to your search, the quicker you will find the critical information (through less iterations and less manual review).

What is new with our new interface?

Our search window and the results are now displayed together on the same page.
By bringing results closer to the search window, we allow you to refine your search while you discover the results. As we said earlier, it is all about precising the context of your search and sometimes, it is not straightforward to do so in the first shot.

Filters are made available as pre-filters and post-filters.

By making filters available to you even before you type your search, we allow you to narrow down your search and remove sections of the library you already know are not relevant.

Filters also give you the indication of the number of documents you are searching into.

Save your important searches, EisphorIA will watch for you of any new and relevant documents.

EisphorIA continuously extracts documents from the sources thanks to the connectors it had put in place. On a regular basis we extract new published documents that could have an influence on the case you are working on. When flagging a search to be watched, you will be directly notified of any new relevant documents.

Boost interactions with your peers. By sending notifications within the platform (alongside the possibilities to flag, highlight, comment), we allow you to alert in real-time the members of your project about your key findings / critical documents and, hence, to augment the collective intelligence.

EisphorIA is deeply committed to customer experience. All feedback we receive is precious to us, deeply scrutinized and translated into new product developments.

Our new search panel brings you what you have been asking for in a subtle way provided by the latest UX design techniques to ensure simplicity and ease of use. User experience is a key focus for us as stressed by Stas, our UX design at EisphorIA:

“In the new update, we've taken it a step further in creating a seamless user experience for our platform. We recognize the need to create a comfortable and meditative space to work in, and we do believe that EisphorIA is an invisible connection between a user and critical information. By eliminating visual noise, we create a seamless and understandable work-space that improves our users' results and reduces search time. The new level of responsiveness and feedback from a platform create wonderful feelings and make workflow more predictable and pleasant.

Ready to see it in action?

Please book some time with us or visit our data hub where you can try one of our libraries for free and for a few days.