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September newsletter

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An opportunity for us to share our latest news and services developments.

EisphorIA releases its "imbrication" module: a single investigation platform to address multiple sources at once

Our objective is to render legal data easily accessible and searchable by lawyers. 

To achieve this, we have developed what we call the "imbrication" which allows you to investigate multiple sources at once. In other words, you select the relevant data sets to your practice and thanks to the imbrication, you investigate all of them transversally via one single interface, assisted by our contextual search engine.  

Concretely, a few benefits: 

  • One single interface (no need to jump from one source to another).
  • Transversal investigation
  • Identification of relevant documents per data set or in a imbricated way

Curious to see it in action? Pick a few libraries for free during 10 days. The Data Hub is accessible via our web site.


Recent public libraries

Focus on Competition Law

EisphorIA keeps releasing new competition law decisions sourced by the various European and national authorities. This is an ongoing effort guided by our customers willingness to reduce the time spent in visiting various web sites and multiplying their search requests. Therefore, we continue asking authorization to new authorities and will be releasing new librarires on a regular basis. Our new imbrication module allows us to offer a single platform to investigate all competition law sources.  

Interested? See what is available at our competition law web page and start your free trial.


Product development

New timeline

A new timeline has been developed to easily define a chronology of events found in the documentation. Our algorithms automatically extract dates mentioned into the documents allowing users to investigate a specific time frame. This is another concrete example about how AI can assist lawyers in their investigation.

Curious to see it in action? 



EisphorIA successfully completed a security audit

Security is top of mind.  Over the last few weeks, we have completed a security audit. The outcome: "Overall, the security posture of EisphorIA platform was found to be very good”. The audit has been conducted by a third party specialist and included deep testing on the identification of potential access-control issues. This test, also known as "pentest" simulated a cyberattack on our system to evaluate the security of our environment and potentially identify vulnerabilities as well as strengths.


From the press

EisphorIA aide les avocats à devenir plus efficaces

Great article in about our mission to assist lawyers in their research work + bonus: video interview with the team about our approach and our ambitions.