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5 enablers to accelerate investigation workflows

Over the last 2 years, we have had numerous meetings with legal teams where we discussed potential efficiency gains in investigation workflows.  

Whether it is in litigation, due diligence, supporting clients undertaking internal investigations or even facing competition dawn raids from external authorities, it is obvious that some key capabilities are jumping out.

Data Agility
It is no surprise to everyone that we are facing an ever increasing volume of electronically stored information (ESI) with emails, chats, pdfs, words, ppts,...and those are not necessarily stored at the same place.  
Mastering parallel processing, formats and connectors  is crucial to provide agility to customers.  

High Responsiveness
In some situations, reaction time can be vital.  Internal investigations need to be conducted as quickly as possible as they might affect internal operations. Competition lawyers need to know which documents have been seized by authorities and determine what is at stake to advise clients on best possible strategies.
Being able to deploy an investigation platform on the relevant documentation, performing automatic OCR of scanned images of text while respecting the structure (folders and sub folders) and leveraging existing meta to create filters, all of this in a few hours only, is definitely a must.

Powerful Search  
Identifying, retrieving and reviewing relevant documents is likely to be the most time-consuming element of any investigation.  Currently, most search engines are working with search terms or keywords.  The major challenge with keywords is how to define them: if they are too broad, you will likely spend too much time reviewing a long list of results and if they are too narrow, you might miss some important information…..
Having the ability to investigate with sentences or even paragraphs can help describe better the situation and its context and help guide the search algorithms to understand what you are looking for.
A powerful search engine is a guarantee for large time savings.

Efficient Centralization and Collaboration
We know how dependent we are on emails which leads to several duplications of the information in multiple places (email folders, computers folders, shared drives,....).  This creates some risk of unintentionally forwarding the information to wrong people or even losing some knowledge due to employee turnover.   The main challenge here is to centralize all the case related information in a single place and sometimes for a long period of time.  Even if teams are changing over time, lawyers in charge need to be able to quickly retrieve the critical information to respond to client questions or to prepare for hearings. Today, clients are expecting to securely and digitally discuss and share information with their counsels and co-counsels.

Modern User Experience
Last but not least, something we don’t stress enough is the user experience or in other words, how to bring a streamlined, fluid and beautiful experience where the focus is on the essential: nothing is useless, everything is adding value.  A poorly designed solution can result in time-consuming errors and frustrations.  Our platform comes with the latest trends in software design, the interface is modern and highly intuitive to avoid lengthy training sessions and ensure a broad adoption within an organization.

These are the 5 cogs at the core of EisphorIA to assist legal teams in accelerating their investigation workflows.   

One more thing!   
With EisphorIA, work is done in full autonomy.  users decide when they want to deploy a platform, as simple as a single click of a button, without any human intervention.  They decide who has access to it and how they want to pay based on our different subscription models (usage based, all you can eat,...).

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested to learn more about EisphorIA.