Delivering our promises to the business without being a hurdle to IT

When we serve our customers, we have two objectives in mind.

  1. Deliver our promise to the business: increase their efficiency when they undergo legal research and
  2. Equally important, be a great partner to their IT team delivering simple, intuitive and hassle-free solutions.

It has now been a couple of months we are frequently talking to our customers, discussing their pain points and understanding how we can best support them with our great technology

Our commitment to our customers:

Keep control of the ever-increasing number of legal documents they need to deal with

  • Our solution can be quickly deployed to any large textual data sets, whether it is public data coming from different sources or their own internal data.
  • Our tool can process in a few hours only thousands of documents and transform them into data that feed our algorithms for classification and contextual analysis

Reduce the search time

  • Processing speed of the search queries is just amazing despite the algorithm’s complexity.
  • Users smoothly navigate through the results of their search queries without noticing they are sitting on thousands of documents….

Guarantee the best results thanks to our modern search engine. We are confident in saying our search tool is simply the best!

  • Reason why we provide simplicity and avoid too many features: we focus our efforts on one thing – get to the right information, period!
  • And for that, we leverage the best of the best approaches when it comes to text analysis: we combine the most recent approaches from NLP (Natural Language Processing) with pure mathematical models and approaches from complex systems modeling. This permits us to significantly overcome the possible results when using a single approach.

Collaborate with their peers

  • Searching is a team sport, what a user finds could be very relevant to his colleagues. Our collaborative built-in interface allows users to highlight, share and interact with each other.

Get all benefits with no efforts and full visibility

  • Your contribution: define the documents to be processed. We will take care of the restand deliver your dedicated platform in the next few hours, ready to use.
  • No lengthy process with limited visibility on end-result. With our tool, no surprise: you see what you pay quasi-instantaneously.

Our commitment to IT:

Fast to deploy. Delivering our promises is only a matter of a few hours: the time we need to ingest and process all the documents, that’s all.

Flexible in deployment. Our tool runs from any public cloud providers of your choice. If you prefer to run from your on-premise environment, not a problem

Fast processing. Thanks to our “anthill architecture”, the processing speed of search queries is just amazing despite the algorithm’s complexity.”

Security is top of mind. From day 1, we focus on privacy and security. Thus we would never propose a function, which has a risk for the client

Easy integration with your existing tools to avoid disturbing existing processes. No matter what tools you use, if there is a way to access the data stored in it, we will manage to do that; we already have a huge list of connectors, permitting to extract information from different sources and this list grows continuously

Fast onboarding and broad adoption

  • Modern, intuitive and elegant interface easy to understand and easy to use
  • Built-in chat in case of questions raise
  • Only relevant features: we are focusing on the essential and therefore we are not overloading users with useless features

We are proud of this approach hence sharing this with you in all transparency. Over the course of the next few weeks, we will deep dive in each of these important topics. In the meantime and if you are interested, we would love to showcase the solutions we are developing in more detail if you give us 30 min of your time. Just click the button “request a demo”, pick the time that best suits you, and hopefully…

Talk to you soon!